Introducing Austin Cox

Tradition & Values

The letters C-O-X placed cleverly into a logo

Coming from several generations of farmers, I've learned what it means to have diligence. Nothing can replace honest, hardwork. You may have heard the saying work smarter not harder, but I disagree. Why limit yourself? I would argue work smarter and harder, and that's what I strive to do. This logo represents what the Cox family has stood for for generations.

Origins & Family

Me with my family, mountain background

Local to South Jordan, Utah, I grew up in the shadow of the wasatch mountains. It always amazed me how beautiful, grand, and practical that mountain range is. Those mountains inspired my love of outdoor recreation, especially skiing, camping, and fishing.

Interests & Passions

Space Nebula and Galaxies

One thing that has always fascinated me has been space; the search for life and the final frontier. Aside from that, some things I enjoy include fixing and riding motorcycles, coding things to make my life easier, and catching up with friends.